Zuivelpak.nl episode 1

Get everything out of it

It is a shame that we waste food because part of it stays in the packaging after use.¬†That’s why it’s good to know that by clever folding you also get the last bit of your pack of custard or yogurt!

Commissioned by ImaginePeople I was asked to visualise Pak-man, the 3D mascotte of the “get everything out of it” campaign by the Dutch dairy industry. Pak-man is a cute character that is best friend to our main character, a young boy that likes to play with his friends and little sister. We had a fun time on set with director Dennis Roelofs and everybody was happy with the result. A job well done!

Project Details

Agency: ImaginePeople
Client: Zuivelpak.nl
Job: Concept artist, consultant and VFX producer

Making of Zuivelpak: