T-Mobile 4G

Etcetera asked me to help out on a late-request by their client T-Mobile. For T-Mobiles 4G campaign Etcetera had conceptualised two key visuals of the 4G logo in two different states. One where the logo was “complete” and one where the logo was still “under construction”. Both states representing the current state of the 4G network coverage. In places where 4G reception was poor, the “under construction” version would be shown and in places with full reception the “completed” logo was shown.

A late request was dropped to create a TV add. Not a problem off course but the idea was challenging. By using a timelapse shot we wanted to show how the logo was being constructed. A great idea but quite hard to pull off because as time moved we had to move through the two key visuals as well.

First we created both visuals on a 10.000px resolution and then moved through time making sure we passed the “under construction” version along the way. Live action plates of Ali B were added to the mix and voila, job well done!

Project Details

Agency: Etcetera
Brand: T-Mobile
Job: Producer