The serum experiences

…is a concept from the futuristic thriller novel by Veronica Roth, Divergent. This novel has been put to the film screen in 2014. By the big succes, the second installment of this trilogy has been released, called Insurgent. For the promotional website of the series Floris Vos was asked to direct a series of new experiences as part of a interactive storyline and he asked my help as a producer. The serum experiences are a series of dreamlike trips to test a person on their reactions to the things they fear the most. The brief was to create a first-person-perspecitve experience as if we are looking through the eyes of the test subject. To break the linear feel and add more tension to the experience, subiminal shots were inserted. It creates a more dreamlike nightmarisch feel to it. Because of the tight deadline it seemed the best idea to create the entire project with 3d animation opposed to the first proposed combination of life-action and CG images.

Project Details

Client: Summit entertainment
Agency: Hybrid studio
Job: Producer