Tumblies! – Playful pre-school series

Enter the playful world of the three Tumblies and their pet dog. It is all about fun, play, discovery and fantasy. In each episode they discover a new object. Tumblies are happy colourful characters that are made of two, three or four parts. Before you know it they fall apart again! You can see all of their adventures on Youtube or on the website of the NPO.

TheĀ series started with concept and design by Job, Joris & Marieke and Ramon Verberne. What started as a stop motion series later turned into full CG. This is when I came aboard. Being responsible for the 78 episodes and a production schedule of about 7 months I was tasked to create a steady pipeline that would make production schedule milestones but also maintain the distinct stop motion feel that Job, Joris & Marieke always envisioned.

Luckily production company il Luster and director Partick Raats were really acceptable to our suggestions and we wrapped the whole thing up… without falling apart šŸ˜‰

There is an app available for iPhone from the AppstoreĀ 

Project details

Production company: il Luster
Job: Production lead