Trix and Freek for Naturalis

T.rex  costs a lot of money, certainly one in such a good condition as this one. After the discovery of T. rex  , Naturalis started a campaign to raise money to get the skeleton to Leiden. The crowdfund  campaign Tientje for T. rex  started on 17 November 2013 with the unveiling of a replica  T. rex  at the central station of Leiden.  Part of the campaign was a fun TV Commercial for Naturalis with Freek Vonk and Trix, the newly acquired Tyrannosaur.

The complicated bit was to create a T-Rex that is still fearsome but also friendly looking. We played around with eyesizes on Trix until we finally got that big puppy look right.

Project Details

Production company: Sounds Like Film
Client: Naturalis
Job: VFX lead

The full add and tagon