ZappLive VR Experience

An interactive mixed reality TV show for ZappLive created by the ever innovating peeps at Gamedia. A unique game experience in which famous influencers such as Gio Latooy have to escape from a VR world. However, the VR player can only complete his mission with the help of viewers (children) at home. At certain moments during the show, the VR player needs ammunition, fuel or protection from hostile drones, all of this can only be take care of by the children at home playing alongside the VR player on their mobile phones. Through this never before seen system, all players are connected with each other.

As a reward, all participating children will be on the credit list at the end of the show. So everyone gets their ’10 seconds of fame ‘on Live TV while they help their heroes!

A very cool project that I was proud to produce all 3D related content for!

Project details

Client: KRO-NCRV
Developer: Gamedia
Job: 3D producer

Concept art by Leon Tukker

Concept inspiration for the Boss taken from old R-type Arcade shooters